This blog is run by two girls (23,24) who enjoy smoking obscene amounts of marijuana and discussing everything from politics to movies, from outer space and the universe to the suspicious habits of deer. From psychedelics and rock and roll to why we're both anachronisms.
We laugh.
We live.
We get really, really high.

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."
-Carl Sagan
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"Every drummer I’ve ever spoken to or read an interview with – my dad is always in their top three,” Bonham said, proudly. “I’m honored to share his name and represent him all these years after he’s gone. It’s been fantastic." "I don’t think he even realized that 33 years after he died, he’d be an icon in the drumming world and the band became what they did—bigger than ever,” Bonham said. “He’s such an icon and yet he was such a simple, regular guy when he was at home.” - Jason Bonham talking about his Dad.

Here are some of the fun reasons I’ve been so detached from things: new dog friends, lots of gardening and canning, redwood walks, beach trips, and giant sand hermit crabs.

Somehow all of this has been wedged between multi-week stints of work and seclusion.